Gator Gang
Gator Gang is the first NFT Collection from Elongate, featuring over 8,888 uniquely generated characters. This is your exclusive membership into the Elongate Ecosystem and Collectibles.
You can mint an exlcusive Gator Gang NFT at β€’ Presale Launch: March 28th at 10:00 AM ET // 2:00 PM UTC β€’ Public Launch: March 30th at 10:00 AM ET // 2:00 PM UTC

Collection Details

  • 8,888 randomly-generated Gators, with a variety of unique hand-drawn traits, accessories, and designs.
  • Smart Contract on the BNB Smart Chain
  • Chance to mint high-rarity configurations and/or unqiue legendary Gators.
  • Whitelist members can mint up to 5 NFTs in the pre-sale!
  • The public sale has no max total mint, but there is a limit of 20 per transaction.
  • Minting will be available via the custom web app at​

What makes Gator Gang different?

  • Affordable and accessible entry point
  • Low gas fees
  • Carbon negative, safe for our planet, developed by a team with over $3.5M donated to worthy causes
  • Fully doxxed team
  • Exclusives and perks – read more below!

Exclusives & Perks

Being a part of the Gator Gang is more than just ownership of a unique NFT!
  • Exclusive presale whitelist access for all future NFT collections
  • Early access and testing of future ecosystem tech betas
  • Multiplier of future Spark in-app earnings
  • Access to exclusive Discord roles and channels
  • Future perks and access will be awarded exclusively to Gator Gang members
  • Exclusive Access to Gator Gang VIP Club in the TCGWorld Metaverse + future in-game utility

Future Collections

This is just the beginning for NFTs from Elongate, with more collections to be released in the future. Holding an NFT from the Gator Gang collection will provide early access to all future releases.

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Collection Details
What makes Gator Gang different?
Exclusives & Perks
Future Collections
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